Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reeves Talk Cloverfield Sequel

Cloverfield Director Matt Reeves spoke with MTV about the possibility of a sequel to Cloverfield. Essentially the idea of a sequel is still alive but just in the tossing around ideas stage with nothing concrete in motion.

“There are a couple ideas that have potential but we haven’t quite cracked it yet,” says Reeves who is juggling his orginal screenplay, “The Invisible Woman” and his remake of “Let the Right One In” among his future projects. Trying to pin down just what those “Cloverfield” sequel ideas are though is easier said than done. One thought was to return to the source of the inspiration for the film. “When we were in Japan we thought, wouldn’t it be cool to do it here,” he said.

One things seems certain. Don’t expect a traditional sequel picking up right after the first with the same (still living) characters. Rather the filmmakers behind the hit film have discussed a sequel that “wasn’t necessarily right after that night but had intersections with the original.”

Then there’s the possibility that Reeves might not direct the sequel at all. Muck like Danny Boyle did for “28 Weeks Later,” Reeves said “There was the thought that maybe we’d bring in some young exciting people and we’d produce their take.”

“I don’t know at this point,” Reeves said. “I think if we find something that would be incredibly fun to make and that we would want to watch then that’s what would push it over the top. It’s a weird puzzle.”

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