Thursday, July 17, 2008

Abrams: "Deeply Involved" in Fringe

JJ Abrams answered some Fringe related questions at the Television Critics Association press tour the other day. As part of that he declared he was "going to be deeply involved in the show. I feel jealous I didn't get to [direct] the pilot." How involved remains to be seen but with the many projects on his plate I am betting his role will be advisor level at best.

He also Fringe "doesn't require the sort of insane, absolute dedication" to follow as his past shows such as Lost and Alias required. As for the bit torrent pilot episode now online, that was not leaked by them and it is not the broadcast version. X-Files was cited as a source of inspiration but so was the Twilight Zone and Night Stalker.

So there you go, if you’re an Abrams fan this is good news but I remain skeptical about how much input he will have in the show over the long haul.

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