Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do You Have CBS?

Do you have Cloverfield Barf Syndrome? The symptom is barfing after seeing Cloverfield. Apparently the problem has become enough of an issue that theatres are starting to post warning signs.

According the CNN, the movie is causing vertigo in some but not most people. Verigo is caused when a person's balancing system gets confused where it feels its in motion even when its not which can be caused by a camera jerking constantly on a movie screen. How much a person can be effected varies so really the only way to know for sure is see the movie and find out for yourself.

Tips to avoid vertigo include some over the counter medicine such as Bonine and Dramamine II. More simply, just close your eyes for a few moments multiple times during the movie to restore your bodies equilibrium. If all else fails, wait until you can rent or buy the movie. A smaller tv screen surrounded by other objects will less likely confuse your brain.

If you or a friend got CBS, be sure to tell the story in the comments.

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