Sunday, July 29, 2007

Few More San Diego Cloverfield Details has reported a little bit more information regarding Cloverfield. More of the trivia kind then anything.

- JJ Abrams inspiration came from a trip to Japan where said "We need our own Godzilla!", which supports rumors that this is a monster movie. At this point I think all the various bits of info confirm its a monster movie.
- Cloverfield comes from LA Street where Abrams has an office.
- Movie written by Lost writer Dew Goddard (not Abrams, but probably had input in it)
- Directed by Matt Reeves (co-creator of Felicity) and being shot "cinema-verite-style) on digital video. Think Blair Witch Project with better picture quality.
- Cast includes Michael Stahl-David
- Monster is not a parasite or giant robot, killing the Voltron rumors. I am inclined to believe the Slusho rumor, that's its either mutated humans or mutated ocean life.

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