Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cloverfield Related Websites

As part of the viral marketing campaign for Cloverfield, several websites have popped up on the web. Apparently they are all apart of the same ARG (Alternate Reality Game that frankly confuses the snot out of me and haven't figured out the point of them yet. Here are the ones I am aware of so far.

Release date of the movie and I based on the pictures of this website, the #$%@ hits the fan around 12:36am. If go to the website there are currently two pictures that you can move around and rotate. What they are for beyond that I am not sure.

Ethan Haas Was Right
Another part of the ARG, this time with 5 memory puzzels. Above is the symbol to english translation, click the image for larger version. After each puzzle is cryptic video. The main gist after getting through the five puzzels is something will happen on August 1.

Here are the hints for the five puzzles (or site help me):
Level 1: Push the buttons in order.
Level 2: Spell HAAS. One of the stars (far right one) will show 26 symbols which correspond to the letters of the English alphabet.
Level 3: Its a beg game, there can only be one left. Pain in the rear so good luck.
Level 4: Use arrow keys to move the blue pebble UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, LEFT (have to hit each twice so arrow for the blue dot points in direction want to move).
Level 5: Spell out THEBEGINNINGISTHEEND. Write down your code (DIVINUS) which will be used starting August 1st with option to get a reminder.

If click the blue star and email Van you will get the following response:
From: Van Mantra van@ethanhaaswasright.com
To: -
Date: -
Subject: ------------- they
found me (was: what is all this?)

It's worse than I thought, the Mezin
have found my location and hacked into my phone.
I need to go off the grid
until I can find a safe location to transmit.
If you need help finding the
answers you seek, trust HAAS for the second key, it will unlock the mysteries.

Beyond that, look for other believers.
We are growing stronger
everyday, there are many out there that have found the path.
Search and you
will find the keys to unlock the puzzles.

-- Van

Ethan Haas Was Wrong
Uh not sure. Its mostly written in the language of the ARG, but with the handy dandy translater pic above you could translate it. However its a total pain in the real to do. Thankfully some people on that website already did so.

A translation of the posts are:
July 5th
Are they attempting(?) to scare us into belief?

Ethan Haas would try to strike far into the hearts of men. Do not be shaken by the ramblings of a mad man my brothers and sisters. We are all safe.

July 8th
How easily humanity is mislead...

We the Mezin never expected your kind might be so easily distracted, that all may be lead by one down the muglgarden(?) path, that your eyes and minds would be so easily clouded.

You point (paint?) to a date in the future that means nothing to our cause or your future...

Only 8-1-07 matters to our cause...

We have been here since manking fought with sticks and bones, your technology may have improved but can the same be said for the human mind? Most sterly(?) a wily manipulator like one mentor(?) will exploit the weakness in the masses and lead you all to ruin.

Clearly there are some among you who know the truth and may even be worthy of the Mezin, who have strength of mind and will to see what trial awaits and are not distracted...

The time has come for us to reveal the methods of Haas, we have found his writing and will now expose them for the nonsense that they are...

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