Wednesday, April 6, 2011

JJ Abrams Signs Novel Deal

JJ Abrams is adding yet another hat to his long list of job titles. Now he can add published novelist to the list. It was announced that the writer/director/producer etc has signed a deal with publisher Little, Brown and Co. to write a thriller novel. The book will be written with Doug Dorst. The target release date is fall of 2012.

It sounds like the case with a lot of writers nowadays where one comes up with a story idea and outline than another writer steps in and fills out the details with a little back and forth to tweak it. It is almost ghost writing like used by the rich and famous for their books but with the writer actually getting credit for their efforts. Examples of this include John Patterson and Tom Clancy where they get the writer credit but it doesn't necessarily mean they did all the heavy lifting. Since this is collaboration, it is unlikely to interfere with any of his existing projects and not factor in decision to direct Star Trek 2.

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