Tuesday, December 8, 2009

JJ Abrams' Shelter Script

Script Shadow blog has posted a synopsis and link to an early script from JJ Abrams that kinds of gives you some insight into the evolution of his writing. This script was sold back in 1994 back when Abrams was still writing heavily rather than being the "idea guy" and handing off the writing chores to others.

The script, called Shelter, takes place in New York in 2047. It follows a high-tech thief Jack Muller and his squad as they break into an apartment to get a fluid that allows those with the means to live longer. Hijinks ensue as things fall apart.

Apparently the script is a mess but it shows even those with the reputation of Abrams has to start somewhere and learn through hard won experience and practice.

Click here to read the details and the script.

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