Monday, November 9, 2009

Abrams Talks About Fringe's Ratings

Last year Fringe was the king of the television ball with the highest rating for a freshman series last year. Now in its sophomore season and moved to Thursdays, the change has caused a massive drop in viewership, down to around 5 million. This is usually the threshold when most of the networks consider cancellation. On the bright side, according EW, Fox remains committed to the show.
“The mood on set and in the writer’s room is as good as the ratings are bad, which is to say, wonderful,” Abrams tells me. “Luckily, Fox has been insanely supportive, for which we are deeply grateful.”

Abrams is encouraged by the show’s “strong” DVR numbers as well as the glowing reviews from critics. “But given that we’re on one of the hardest [nights] on television, we’re just focusing on making the best show we possibly can,” he says. “What else can we do?”

Bottom line: Fringe is in no immediate danger of going “over there” (a.k.a. TV graveyard). The key word there being immediate.
The cause is to me seems obvious. Thursday just isn't a good fit considering the massive level of competition with Grey's Anatomy, CSI, The Office and 30 Rock. Television tends to create loyalty with viewers and a new show attempting to break that loyalty is always an uphill battle that takes time to win. It needs to be moved but likely will not.

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