Friday, February 8, 2008

Site Note

Cloverfield may be out, but the site will continue. Now you know why the site address is jjabramsprojects and not some version of Cloverfield. So what is next on the known plate of Producer, Director and Writer JJ Abrams?

Next is the project he is currently directing Star Trek XI which is coming out December 25th, 2008. I have another blog tracking that movie here. For now I am going to just post Star Trek news over there. I am still debating if I should cross post or not.

Also planned is Fringe, a TV series ordered by Fox that will premiere in the fall. The show is created and produced by the Star Trek XI team of Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci. Not entirely sure of his level of involvement suspect it will be like Lost, long enough to get the ball rolling and then step away while still enjoying the financial benefits.

Already an expensive $10 million 2-hour pilot is in the works about unexplained phenomena. It’s currently shooting in Toronto. The show will follow a trio as they explore unexplained phenomena that are described as a cross between the X-Files and Altered States.

Also this site will watch for any future Abrams' projects and of course continue to keep watch for the Cloverfield DVD details and the sequel that is sure to be made considering the success of the movie.

If you have any ideas, suggestions and so forth, feel free to share by either commenting or send an email (link on the right column).

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